Hello, my name is Judy Skaltsounis,
   I've been drawing pictures ever since I was able to hold a crayon.  I've always loved to draw, and when I was in the seventh grade, my teacher challenged me to draw a picture of a puppy and a kitty in dots.  I surprised myself by doing a great job at it and subsequently developed a love for the medium of pointillism.  Pointillism is the art of creating an image with many tiny dots.  Since then, I've dabbled in other mediums like painting, pastels, and pencils, but I just seem to have a knack for dotting colors and shades together with markers. 
    After high school, I tried taking college art classes, but I realized that if I were to get a job in the commercial art field, I would then be forced to create art for a boss.  I did not want to hate drawing, and have to draw at lightning speed for deadlines.
    Unfortunately, that decision took me nowhere and I've been working hard in a book bindery for over 30 years.  Two children and two divorces later, I am simply drawing as a hobby.  For years I signed my artwork in my maiden name, Vileo, until 10 years after I had been married to my current husband, Terry Skaltsounis.   I never stopped though, and my dream is to keep on drawing and hopefully sell my art to those who appreciate my craft.  I've developed a unique style to my art which I have not seen duplicated from any other artist.  Please enjoy looking at my art as much as I have enjoyed drawing it.

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