Personalized Portraits!

      Have you ever wanted a professional artistic rendering of your family, loved one, or pet?  I can draw portraits in pointillism from any photo you supply as long as it is clear enough to see all the details you wish to be seen.  I can modify the background according to your preference, I can add two separate photo's together, or delete a person, or background.  If you are interested, kindly send me a clear photo, your name, address and preference explanation to   I can complete your portrait in 3 weeks time.  I charge $70.00 per person or animal in the picture, for that you recieve the original on a 11" x 14" size paper.  If you wish to have 4 or more people in the picture, I will charge only $50.00 per person and or animal.  Although I would probably have to make the picture in a larger size, like 12" by 16" up to 18" by 24".  Note: Commission pieces require a 50% deposit.  

     Personal portraits make a great gift idea, especially for holidays or special occasions!  Have a great day!

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